Drinks & Data, at networking in the IODC



Yesterday during the celebration of the 4th International Conference on Open Data Madrid, Drinks & Data we hold a social event at the conference to present Iniciativa Barcelona Open Data and the Barcelona Node ODI.




In the Drinks&Data we presented our project to the Catalan community present in Madrid as a participant to the conference, but also many friends around who are involved in projects with Open Data sure we can collaborate on projects to promote open data. At a networking event, to discuss informally with people around the world messages and impressions of the most important of the day in IODC.

During the event, the co-founder of the initiative, Lourdes Muñoz took the floor to thank all participants and explained that “what we want is to create synergies that open data to improve society. “

In addition, intervened Kevin Merritt, founder and CEO Socrata, together with desideDatum sponsored the meeting and expressed his “we are happy to be here in this active OpenData initiative.”


PHOTO ALBUM DRINKS & DATA. (Madrid 6/10/2016)